jueves, 15 de agosto de 2013

200m Hurdles in Břeclav, Czech Republic

I saw this video in the group of facebook of the training group of Jan Dvorak, and I think it would be good to share this nice race with everybody, specially to show other kind of races that are done all over the world, in this case in Břeclav, Czech Republic.

The protagonists of this race are two of my training mates this year in Brno. In first place, with black T-Shirt, Martin Juránek, he did a time of 24,43s in 200m Hurdles. He has run this year also other distances of course: 53.32s in 400mH (PB2012 52.49s), 150m in 16.5s; 200m in 21,9s; 300m in 35,2s; 400m in 50.1s; and 110m hurdles in 15,59s.

In second place, Martin Tuček, with red T-Shirt, 25,10s. We are talking about an athlete who was born in the 1995, his first year in the junior category. With 52,89s in 400mH, he is the 27th junior hurdler in Europe. He wants to be better, and he will fight for it ;). This year, he has been able to run in the next times: 49.04s in 400m, 16.6s in 150m, 22.2s in 200m, 300m in 34.8s, 110mH (0.99m) in 14,81 and 1.07,43 in 500m.

They are still training because in a few weeks it is supposed to be the U23 Czech Republic Championship so...It is time for it :). In remember when I arrived last year in Brno, they where finishing their season, and it was something really strange for me hehe.

Good luck guys. Hodně štěstí (Buena suerte en Checo/Good Luck in Czech)

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