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...Laura Ginés...In English

After a long time… here it is the answer of the question “Talking about...” in English

Laura was born on June,11th, 26 years ago, in the capital city of Aragón, Zaragoza. Nowadays, she is trained in “La BLUME” in Madrid, by Jose Luis Martínez, and her club is Simply Scorpio 71. She is an athlete, but she has also studied to be a teacher of Physical Education, and Speech and Hearing

Sports Biography
Source: RFEA
If you want to see another curriculum, click here

Historial Español
Heptathlon Spanish Senior Record woman (5.860 in 2012)
Heptathlon Spanish Champion (2011-2012)
Pentathlon Spanish Champion (2012)
Heptathlon Spanish Champion U23 (2006-2007-2008)
Indoor’s Shot Put Spanish Champion U23 (2008)
Heptathlon Spanish Junior Champion (2004-2005)
Pentathlon Spanish Junior Champion (2005)
Exathlon Spanish Youth Champion

European Cup 2007 - Tallinn 1ª D - Heptathlon (25th/5.041)
European Cup2011 - Ribeira Brava 2ª D - Heptathlon (5th/5.455)
Iberoamerican Championships 2010 - San Fernando Heptathlon (6th /5.120)

Others 2004 - Mondeville FRA-ESP-GBR-RUS Junior (indoors): Pentathlon (13th/3.387)
2005 - Valencia ESP-FRA-GBR Junior (indoors): Pentathlon (8th/3.351)
2006 - Eaubonne FRA-ESP-GBR U23 (indoors): Pentathlon (10th/3.390)
2007 - Lee Valley, London GBR-ESP-FRA U23 (indoors): Pentathlon (8th/3.809)
2008 - Sheffield GBR-CZE-ESP-FRA (indoors): Pentathlon (13ª/3.758)
2008 - Paris FRA-ESP-GBR U23 (indoors): Pentathlon (7ª/3.840)
2008 - Lingolshein FRA-CZE-ESP U23: Shot Put (6ª/12.48) 
2011 - Reims FRA-CZE-ESP-GBR (indoors): Pentathlon (11ª/3.771)
2012 - Prague CZE-ESP-FRA-GBR-NED (indoors): Pentathlon (8ª/3.911)

Personal Best

Cortesía de Chuchín Mateo
100m hurdles. 13.97/+0,9 2012
High Jump 1.77 2011/2012
Shot Put 13.41/13.90pc 2011
200m 24.54/+1,0 2012
24.47/+4,9 2007
Long Jump 5.70/+1,5 2012
Javelin throw 43.76 2012
800m 2:21.29 2012
1st day Heptathlon 3.592 2012
2nd day Heptathlon 2.268 2012
60m (indoors) 7.74 2008
60m hurdles (indoors) 8.68 2012
100m 12.34/+0,06 2012
12.12/+2,3 2012
300m 41.9 2001
400m 59.65 2012
Disc throw 32.38 2005

And to finish this part, an interesting link that compares the different Spanish Records of the only 4 heptathletes who have more than 5800 points.

As a curiosity, I should say this has been my first interview by Skype hehe. I prefer doing it face to face, but this is the most similar thing I can do right now. One day, I told this girl to do the interview, and she didn`t show much opposition to appear in “VallistaMadeinVigo”. Perfect. There we go:

How should be your ideal coach?
A person with knowledge about the way of training, discipline, but it is also important for him to have communicative skills and be a close person.

Your favourite training? High Jump and Javelin technique  ¿And the worst for you? Go to “la casa de campo” running

• Which is the most brutal training u have ever done?
One day we did more than 2 hours of gym and then, lactic series, and it was really cold.

 • Something about your training mates? They have a lot of energy; I laugh a lot with them.

 •    Do you do something more than your sport? I am not working right now, but I am Teacher of Physical Education, and Speech and Hearing, and now I am taking part in some English lessons to make it better.

•   What do you do when you are not training? I like going out with my friends, and going to the cinema. I also like spending time with my family, and my nephew.

•    Tell me, how did you begin doing athletics? I began doing other sports when I was young, like gymnastics and skating. I wanted to do speed-skating, but there wasn`t any group available. The thing is that I live in the same street where an athletics stadium is, and my mother saw some information about athletics’ school in the newspaper and…I began doing athletics.
              Cortesía de Chuchin Mateo

•    What is your favourite thing about doing athletics? I like travelling, the people you know and the experiences you live practicing this sport.

•    And what would you change?  Managers

•    Why do you practice sport?  The main reason is because I like it, I feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me satisfactions, and it helps you learning about many aspects of life.

•    ¿Which have been the most impressive moment of your athletics career? My first medal in the National Championships. I was Silver in Pentathlon Under15, year 2001.

•     Of all the athletes you have ever met, which has been the most impressive one for you? ¿Why? David Gómez, because of the courage he has in the track when he is competing, he is a reference in Combined Events for us.

•   Do you sleep well before a competition or do you have difficulties to fall sleep? It depends, but for instance, I always take earplugs with me.

•    Do you follow a diet or, on the other hand, you eat whatever you want? I don`t follow a strict diet, but I take care about food, paying more attention during the competition period.

•    ¿What is the most common thing u would like to eat after training? Chami’s burger. Do you do that in real life? Sometimes with some of my training mates.

•    What do you think about physiotherapists? They are really important in sport’s world, and many times they are like second parents for us, they take care about us so much. Do you usually visit them? Yes, I am going three times per week to strength my hand, and also because of my hand`s scar.

•    A goal for 2013: Participate in the Outdoors World Champs, and try to improve my personal best in Heptathlon.

•    What would you say anybody to convince him to practice sports? He is going to feel better in a physical way, and in a psychological way can be a way to escape of daily living. It is also an opportunity to meet people, places, and can become a hobby.

 What does somebody feels when you beat a national record? Incredible, I was like in a cloud, and after 3 days I didn`t realized about what have happened. Many hours of work were rewarded, much sacrifice, and I had the feeling of a permanent smile.

Is Laura before the record different than Laura after the record? I feel in the same way, but it has helped me to see that waiting is useful and you can see results, and you realize about how important is to be patient and constant in this sport.

     Although you are Combined Events specialist, in some national championships you have participated in some individual events, ¿isn`t it? Yes, in the University National Championships last year I was 2nd in 100m hurdles and in 2008 I was bronze in 200m.

•    Whatever you want in "Vallista Made in Vigo"
A greeting to all the audience and I encourage you to get closer to the world of Combined events, try it and enjoy with them as we do!

Laura, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with Vallista Made in Vigo and all his audience. Everything more you want to know about Laura Ginés, You can visit her blog "El rincón de Hepta".                
See you soon!

Vallista Made in Vigo from Czech Republic

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Túnel / The Tunnel

Here it is, an "artistic" video of the first day of the season training indoors. I couldn`t imagine doing 600m in a place like this hehe, with a funny moment included in the end with Libor and Honza doing some strange things with fingers XD

Aquí está, un vídeo "artístico" del primer día de la temporada entrenando bajo techo. Nunca me hubiese imaginado que haría series de 600 en un sitio como este jeje, con momento divertido incluído al final con Libor y Honza haciendo algunas cosas raras con los dedos XD

Vallista Made in Vigo from Brno