lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013


Haré esta entrada en español para que mis compañeros de entreno en  República Checa sepan lo que estamos haciendo por estes lares.

Foto de portada
Our family photo of April's training camp

Two weeks ago was time to say "See u soon" to my training mates in Czech Republic...Jan Dvorak (coach),Martin Juránek, Martin Tucek, Martin Schmöger, Matus, Ales, Libor Tucek(manager), Jan Fiala, Domca, Monca, Janca, Tereza, Ada... and all of the members of Moravska Slavia Brno that made   my life funnier  in Brno.

Big changes have happened in this last two weeks: I have left my training mates, I am training now in Vigo following Honza's plan, and I am already graduated!

Our two "Bolts", Martin Juránek and Martin Tucek

Talking about the athletic way, it has been really interesting for me training with them. This whole year, I have tried a really different way of training: Structure of each session, metabolism trained,...Great to learn more about this sport. And for my head has been really relaxed, because I only tried to give my best in each training and run behind the faster hehe. Fortunatelly they know how to talk English really well so...NO PROBLEM :). THANK U GUYS
All together having dinner
Talking about outdoor's season...It has begun a little... I would say weird. For me is always difficult to begin the season in 400m hurdles, I usually have many problems with rythm. But it seems that things are going in a different but good way. Last year i was running in 57,2 after four races. This year, 57,0.  So things are not going so bad. The difference is that last year I have done 2x57 in 400m hurdles, and this year this weekend was the first 57. Maybe it has no sense doing comparisons, Doubts appeared. But after this weekend I feel more confident about myself and the whole work done. That is the key. 

In last races I am having problems in the last 4 hurdles. Rythm is not being the right one to run under 56. If I am not able to do that, for sure I will miss one more year the U23 national championship.
Now, 3 more races to try and we will see what i am able to do.

For my Czech mates, things are going really well, and i feel really happy about that. I want to discover what are they able to do this season.

VallistaMadeInVigo, Alexandre Martín, Ismael Costas and Erik Calvo, 4x400 of this last weekend

Finally, Celta's athletes feel really happy about our team because girls and boys are going to fight to be in "División de Honor", the league of the first 16 athletics teams in Spain, in 3 weeks. Fortunatelly in Vigo I have great team-mates that make me "training alone" no so bad as it seems.



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